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Black Mamas Reclaiming their Space in Reproductive Justice

BIPOC Activists and Visual Artists’ Ode to the Black Foremothers of Reproductive Justice

May 8, 2023Forward Together, a national multiracial reproductive justice organization, uses art to challenge the traditional images and myths of Mother’s Day through its 13th annual Mamas Day campaign. This year’s theme, Black Mamas Reclaiming their Space in the Reproductive Justice Movement, celebrates Black mamahood and the Black mamas who continue to push the work forward. Black mamas are the founders of the Reproductive Justice framework and are the foundation of our movement.

Lack of access to reproductive justice services, higher maternal mortality rates, anti- abortion policy that largely impact Black families, and a criminal justice system that does not value Black bodies are issues that Black mamas consistently navigate. We deserve to parent children in safe and healthy environments. This Mamas Day we are honoring the love and sacrifice of Black mamas who are doing their best to create safe homes and communities for their loved ones.


ChaKiara Tucker, Forward Together’s media strategist, discusses Black mamas reclaiming their space:

“Just like the Black foremothers of the movement, reproductive justice is rooted in community, care and connection. In light of the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, it’s imperative that the reproductive justice movement gets back to its roots, which are inherently Black.

For decades, Black mamas have been overlooked by legislators and our voices have been drowned out by white-led organizations that have appropriated this movement, while decentering our experiences. Right now, we are witnessing an assault on our human rights. People are actively fighting to stop us from living affirming lives and raising Black kids in a safe and loving environment — and they’re trying to control if, when and how we give birth and form families.

Now is the time for us to reclaim our space in the reproductive justice movement. Just as Black Mamas are the nucleus of our communities we must be at the center of this movement. Until Black Mamas are liberated, none of us are free.”

Each year, we commission original artwork that reflects the various ways our mamas and families look. The result is a collection of beautiful and unique cards that better reflect the families we know and love. This year’s Mamas Day art is a reflection of of the four tenets of the reproductive justice framework:

  • The right to have a child.
  • The right to not have a child.
  • The right to parent a child or children in a safe and healthy environment.
  • The right to own our bodies and control our futures.

Use this social media toolkit to share the Mamas Day art and Black Mama stories to
encourage others to commit to building a world where all mamas can thrive.

About Mamas Day

Mamas Day is an annual project of Forward Together,a national multiracial reproductive justice organization. Now in its 13th year, Mamas Day originated as a project of our Strong Families Network that brings together more than 200 grassroots groups nationwide. We are committed to making art an integral part of the movements for racial, economic and gender justice. Visit for more information.