Image: Illustration of a Black Muslim Somali family. An elder matriarch wearing a red and purple dress and hijab sits on a couch. She is lovingly surrounded by six smiling daughters and granddaughters who wear various types of Somali and American clothing.

About Mamas Day

Mamas Day is a celebration of all our mamas, everywhere!

Artist: Mojuicy

Mamahood is not one size fits all; mamahood is expansive. But on Mother’s Day, one of the biggest commercial holidays in the United States, most depictions of mothers often reinforce traditional ideas of family and motherhood that narrowly define one way to be a family. Images often exclude mamas based on their sexual orientation, race, income, immigration status and more.

That’s why in 2011 we created “Mamas Day” to highlight our mamas.

This year’s theme, Black Mamas Reclaiming their Space in the Reproductive Justice Movement, celebrates Black mamahood and the Black mamas who continue to push the work forward. Black mamas are the founders of the Reproductive Justice framework and are the foundation of our movement.

Timeline: Explore the history of Mamas Day and uplifting all forms of mamahood

About Forward Together

Mamas Day is an annual project of Forward Together. We work to ensure that all of our families have the rights, recognition and resources they need to thrive. Mamas Day originated as a project of our Strong Families Network, a national group of organizations committed to expanding the cultural conception of family through art, organizing and relationship building. We are committed to making art and cultural strategy integral parts of the movements for collective liberation.