About Mamas Day

Mamas Day is a celebration of all our mamas, everywhere!

Artist: Mojuicy

We know that mamahood is not one size fits all. But most popular images of mothers exclude mamas based on their sexual orientation, race, income, immigration status and more. And Mother’s Day, one of the biggest commercial holidays in the United States, often reinforces traditional ideas of family and motherhood that narrowly define one way to be a family.

That’s why in 2011 we created “Mamas Day” to highlight the contributions of the many mamas around us and to fight for the rights, recognition and resources our mamas and families deserve.

Each year we partner with artists to create original art that reflects the various ways our mamas and families look. The result is a collection of beautiful and unique cards that better reflect the families we know and love.

We hope you enjoy our Mamas Day cards! Please share them with your family, friends, colleagues and all of the special mamas in your life.

About Forward Together

Mamas Day is an annual project of Forward Together. We work to ensure that all of our families have the rights, recognition and resources they need to thrive. Now in its 10th year, Mamas Day originated as a project of our Strong Families network, which unites 200 grassroots groups nationwide. We are committed to making art an integral part of the movements for collective liberation.