Illustration of a Black woman with her eyes closed and palms up, floating on a shell on the ocean. She wears an orange headwrap and gold jewelry and is draped in a pink pearly cloth. Pink flowers float around her in front of a gold, red and purple sunset.

The right to own our bodies & control our future

By cozcon

“When I think of bodily autonomy I think about self-belonging— being your own guardian and north star. Venus emerged, fully realized, from the ocean, standing on a clam shell, like the sole architect of her body and spirit.”

“We all deserve the right to navigate our worlds the same way, born from rich vastness with complete personal agency. I hope this image can serve as a reminder of that.”

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About the Artist:

cozcon is a multidisciplinary artist dedicated to broadening the visual lexicons of Black, femme and queer life. They reclaim the riches locked up in the exclusionary hubs of contemporary art, design and fashion and reinvest them in imagery reflecting the lived experiences of the marginalized and historically excluded. You can see more of them on Instagram @cozcon.