About the Artists

Chucha Marquez

Chucha Marquez is a Queer, Chicanx print maker, digital illustrator, and social media whiz. They were born and raised in the South Bay and are currently based out of Oakland, California. Chucha’s artwork is inspired by current and historical struggles for social justice and liberation, especially within the context of gender and sexuality, immigration, feminism, current events and solidarity work.

Chucha has a degree in Psychology and Chicanx Studies from UC Davis, with a minor in Art Studio. They are part of Espacio Tercero, a collective of printmaker artivists committed to social change and community action/organizing through the practice of screen printing. Chucha is currently an Artist in Residence at Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer in Woodland, California, and the Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator at CultureStrike.


Ethan Parker

Ethan Parker is a community-taught comic artist creating works that center the experiences of life on the margins. Their works explore themes of identity, self healing, and human connection through a queer, Black, trans lens. Ethan enjoys sharing time with beloved community and creating space for those interested in using visual narrative as a form of resistance and resilience.


Melanie Cervantes

Melanie Cervantes (Xicanx) has never lived far from the California Coast. Born in Harbor City, California, and raised in a small city in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Melanie now makes her home in the San Francisco Bay Area where she creates visual art that is inspired by the people around her and by her communities’ desire for radical social transformation. Melanie’s intention is to create a visual lexicon of resistance to multiple oppressions that will inspire curiosity, raise consciousness and spark solidarities among communities of struggle.

In 2007, Melanie co-founded Dignidad Rebelde, a graphic arts collaboration that produces screen prints, political posters and multimedia projects that are grounded in Third World and Indigenous movements that build people’s power to transform the conditions of fragmentation, displacement and loss of culture that result from histories of colonialism, patriarchy, genocide, and exploitation. Dignidad Rebelde’s purpose is to illustrate stories of struggle, resistance and triumph into artwork that can be put back into the hands of the communities who inspire it.



Mohammed Fayaz (aka “Mojuicy”) is an illustrator and one of the organizers of Papi Juice. Born and raised in New York City, Mohammed’s illustrations are intent on documenting his community of queer and trans people of color. With work that spans digital and mixed media, his illustrations lend a eye into a world traditionally left out of mainstream media.