An illustration of a group of Black womenand femmes standing in a circle holding hands while the rain falls. The woman on the far left and facing the viewer is wearing red dungarees and has brown curly hair. The woman next to her is wearing a hijab and a red patterned top and skirt. The woman tothe right has short, brown, curly hair and is wearing a blue dress with the shoulders cut out. She is holding the hand of a person who cannot fully be seen which portrays that the circle is bigger than this illustration can capture. Closest to the viewer with her back turned is a woman with braids and an off the shoulder patterned, pink top. She holds hands with two people who cannot fully be seen.
Artwork by Amir Khadar in collaboration with Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Mamas Day

Celebrating and Honoring Mamahood

For over 10 years, Forward Together has celebrated all the mamas in our lives — biological and chosen, adoptive and foster, queer and trans, nearby and far — for everything that they do for us and our communities.

As we come through the many challenges this pandemic brings, it’s time to honor those who have been holding our families and communities together. Share your gratitude for a mama or caregiver in your life by sending them an eCard, featuring art that’s as beautiful and expansive as our families.