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Activists Use Art to Uplift the Power and Beauty of Mamas and Caregivers

A 10-year celebration of mamas of color continues through Covid-19

May 1, 2020 Forward Together, a women-of-color led social justice organization, is launching its 10th annual Mamas Day art campaign to celebrate and honor the mamas who are taking care of their families and communities at a time when Covid-19 has globally disrupted our way of life and the ways we take care of our people. Mamas Day is a way to celebrate and thank mamas, with more than cards and flowers, for all that they do.

For the past decade, Forward Together has worked closely with dozens of artists and community organizations across the country to create and disseminate art that showcases the many facets and the beauty and power of mamahood, which looks differently for everyone. Even though young mamas, queer mamas, immigrant mamas and incarcerated mamas stand powerfully in their mamahood, they are typically inviblized by society. This year’s celebration comes with the introduction of the Strong Families Network Culture Strategy Lab, a container for members of the Strong Families Network to use storytelling and visual art campaigns that resonate with our communities to influence the way people talk about and visually conceptualize the definition and recognition of families.

“Far too often, the very mamas who cultivate and support our communities are overlooked during Mother’s Day, said Bianca Campbell, Forward Together’s Movement Building Senior Manager. “Mamas Day is both an inclusive offering to our communities and an ode to our mamas. Mamas like me who haven’t birthed children, but support the many people in our lives, including children. Mainstream Mamas Day narratives disconnect mamahood from organizational power, but we know our mamas deserve flowers, cards and a revolution. During this time of uncertainty, and as we navigate a world with Covid-19, our mamas are working overtime to care for our people. And in addition to this pandemic, our mamas hold multitudes and leverage their power on a multitude of issues — from Black Mamas fighting for the maternal health care they need, immigrant mamas fighting to keep their families together, trans mamas holding down chosen families, and Indigenous mamas leading their communities. And of course there are mamas fighting across all those issues, holding all those identities and more. This art allows us to recognize and uplift some of the most powerful people in our lives!”

The first Culture Strategy Lab is being co-held by Forward Together, Fanm Saj, Southern Birth Justice Network and URGE. Together, we are co-leading Mamas Day work around the country!

 “Through the Culture Strategy Lab, we hope to uplift all those who play the role of mama in our lives, including biological and chosen mamas, extended family, adoptive, guardian, and foster mamas, and multigenerational, multicultural, neighborhood, reservation, nearby, and long-distance mamas,” said Campbell. “We also know that mamahood is not an individual act. Mamahood happens in community, in collaboration, and in context. It is a strength of our communities that we are interdependent and utilize networks of support.

 This Mamas Day, we encourage communities to share this art with those they love, celebrate the narratives and policies that support mamas, and work to change the things that make mamahood more difficult.”

How people can join us in the celebration of Mamas Day: Visit to send a card to the mamas in your life:

  • Create and send a beautiful, free Mamas Day eCard to honor a mama in your life. There are 14 designs to customize.
  • Donate to Forward Together to support our Mamas Day tradition of recognizing mamahood in all forms through powerful, transformative artwork.
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About Forward Together

Mamas Day is an annual project of Forward Together, a national social justice organization that unites communities to win rights, recognition and resources for all families. Now in its 10th year, Mamas Day originated as a project of our Strong Families Network that brings together more than 200 grassroots groups nationwide. We are committed to making art an integral part of the movements for racial, economic and gender justice. Visit for more information.