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Activists Use Art to Uplift the Power and Beauty of Mamas and Caregivers

Celebrating the Mamas In Our Lives During A Pandemic

May 1, 2021 – Since the beginning of the pandemic, mamas and caregivers across the nation have held down their families and communities in unprecedented ways. Now, it’s time to honor the diversity, vulnerability and strength of all mamas in our lives — biological and chosen, adoptive and foster, queer and trans, nearby and far — for everything that they do for us and our communities. Forward Together, a women-of-color led social justice organization, is launching its 11th annual Mamas Day art campaign to celebrate and honor the mamas who have been historically invisibilized by mainstream cardmakers.

Traditional dinner parties and in-person gatherings to celebrate the mamas in our lives seem yesteryear as many folks are adhering to social distancing recommendations.

“While more of us can now hug the mamas in our life, not everyone can. As this time of physical distancing slowly begins to shift, it’s especially important to let our loved ones know we care about them,” said Eveline Shen, Executive Director of Forward Together. “Mamas wore too many hats to fill the gaps exposed by the pandemic and political uprisings. We must do more to support them. That’s why Forward Together changes policy and shifts culture so that society works better for our families.”

For more than a decade, Forward Together has worked closely with dozens of artists and community organizations across the country to create and disseminate art that showcases the many facets and the beauty and power of mamahood, which looks differently for everyone. This year’s campaign features new art pieces by Amir Khadar.

“I originally created these three Mamas Day pieces in collaboration with Black Alliance for Just Immigration for their groundbreaking Gender Justice report. The stories of community care that they gathered in the report remind me of my own loved ones. When I illustrated these three pieces I felt as though I was illustrating my own family and community,” said Amir Khadar. “Too many stories of Black and immigrant motherhood repeat the harmful tropes of ‘strong Black women.’ Through my art, I wanted to tell a different story by honoring the moments of care, warmth, intimacy and vulnerability that are such a huge part of Black immigrant mamahood.”

How people can join us in the celebration of Mamas Day: Visit to send a card to the mamas in your life:

About Forward Together

Mamas Day is an annual project of Forward Together, a national social justice organization that unites communities to win rights, recognition and resources for all families. Mamas Day originated as a project of our Strong Families network, a national group of organizations committed to expanding the cultural conception of family through art, policy and relationship building. We are committed to making art an integral part of movements for collective liberation.